The Wool Rich Oak Harbor Set is a great comforter set made up of a unique combination of tweak, plaid and leather. The three-piece comforter has two shams, a comforter, and a bed skirt. It is thus sufficient to meet all your requirements with respect to a bed comforter. Let us explore more about the product and find out what its pros and cons are….


It is a king-size comforter with the comforter being 110 inches x 96 inches in dimension, the sham being 20 inches x 36 inches in dimension and the bed skirt being 78 inches x 80 inches. It can thus be used in beds of all sizes. It has a menswear look and is highly suitable for a bedroom in all respects. So, unlike the girly comforters that can be used only for a girl’s bed-room or kids’ room, this one can be used in any of your bed-rooms.

The comforter is made of 100% polyester microfiber reverse. The sham is 100% polyester jacquard piece with a linen-like look. The bed skirt has a composition of 100% polyester microsuede.


* A comforter is not only about its functionality but should also have an aesthetic appeal. And the Wool Rich Oak Harbor Set is great in this respect since this multi-color set and looks great on your bed. Its rich color palette with warm colors makes it an attractive choice among the comforters of its range. Also, the unique plaid pattern makes it a quite popular choice among the users.

In spite of the usage of attractive colors, this comforter never fails to maintain soberness in its design.

* You will often find people with skin diseases or allergies have a problem in the search for a suitable comforter for them. This is another area where this product will give you an edge over the others. It is a hypoallergenic comforter. It is thus free of allergens and suitable for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

* It is made using quality materials. The polyester microfiber technology of the parts makes it a soft and comfortable choice among the buyers. Also, it is machine washable and can be cleaned easily and quickly.


A few customers have experienced problems related to the durability of the product. They have complained that the button that was initially fixed in the right place came out within a few weeks of use.


It is evident that the Wool Rich Oak Harbor Set is a nice-looking set for your bed. You can use it irrespective of the bed size and even if you have sensitive skin. You can also maintain it easily.

You can buy the product if you are looking for a large, soft and attractive-looking comforter set for your bed.

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