Comforters can be quite a pleasure to possess. If you are looking for high level of comfort as well as something to keep you warm during the months of winter, then you should definitely purchase comforters. Great bedding is instrumental in providing a room with the right kind of comfort. Comforters will provide you with the necessary warmth as well as an uplifting sense of fashion to your bedroom too. They are available in all the online shopping sites at quite reasonable prices. We would suggest you purchase Western Bedding Tooled Cowhide 5 piece queen. You can get it on Amazon at a price as low as $249.99, and thats with shipping. You should go through the features as well as the positive and negative points of the product. So read along to know the features:



The Western Bedding Tooled Cowhide 5 piece queen consists of 2 cowhide pillow Shams along with Comforter as well as matching Dust Ruffle. Also, you will get a Cowhide neck pillow. However, you will not get the 2 Euro Shams along with 2 lace pillows and the Throw.

Now, lets take a look at the pros:


* The set comes in shades of brown and has an ultimate luxurious look. The design has been exclusively made for a bedroom that is styled in Western or country or even mountain bedroom manner. The decorative neckroll adds to the beauty and royalty of the comforter.

* The fabric is of supreme quality and very soft. Microfiber is the predominant material which is used to make the comforter. The bedding is great for winter and you will get additional accessories of bedding if you want to. This will help you to customize your comforter in the most individualistic way. They are priced separately and you can omit them if you do not want them.

* The throw blanket is very comfortable for providing you with the necessary warmth. The cowhide neck pillow is very soft and will be of great comfort when you have neck pain. Cowhide as a material is naturally durable. Hence longevity of the product is guaranteed.

* If you possess a queen bed, it will fit the bed perfectly.



* This product has great reviews from all the customers. Everyone is highly satisfied with the product and they have really good things to say about it. In spite of that, there are a few stray negative remarks by some of the users. Like some of them have complained the fabric

to be too warm for summer. It is perfect for winter but the summer seasons demand something lighter.

Customer Reviews:

After going through the online reviews of the product, we have reached the inference that the Western Bedding Tooled Cowhide 5 piece queen has been rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. It has overwhelmingly positive reviews so we would definitely recommend this product for you. Make your bedroom the den of comfort!

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