Bombay 12 piece Vivienne comforter set!

The Vivienne king-sized comforter set is made with 100% polyester material. As the product is prepared with imported material, the durability is very high. The comforter set comes under the fancy category, and all your needs will be fulfilled in a very efficient manner. The set includes one comforter, two king shams, one-bed skirt, two euro shams, three decorative pillows, one coverlet and two king shams. The cover and the filling are made with 100% polyester.

Features of THIS fancy comforter set

The Vivienne comforter set is ready for machine wash. There will be an addition of great elegance and functionality. You can take advantage of the gorgeous tan as well. It has a beautiful jacquard border. To purchase the best quality linen set, you should go through the comforter set buying guide. As you go through the reviews presented by experts, you will understand the features, pros, and cons which will help you settle for the best.
The pillow should be selected very carefully. It should be the right size, and the style should be as per your sleeping habits. Pillows are available in standard, king, and queen size. The pillow will be labeled as per the firmness as well which include soft, medium and firm. The sleeping style will be a stomach sleeper, side sleeper, and back sleeper. If there is a gentle sloping surface on the pillow, it is ideal for stomach sleepers. Back sleepers can adjust with firm and flat sheets. A pillow with raised surface is ideal for side sleepers.12 piece Vivienne comforter set - Bombay


The softness of the pillow is derived through the filling. There are several filling options. If you are suffering from allergy, you should want to go for feather pillows. There are hypoallergenic choices through which there will be great satisfaction. The bacteria will be avoided completed through the padded material.


If you focus on softness, you should choose down and feather pillows. Pillows should be plump and comfortable when you settle for down and feather pillows. They are ideal for stomach sleepers. There are memory foam and polyester pillows as well which can be selected as per your needs. If you choose fancy pillows, they can be replaced very easily. The pillows will be made with 100% polyester. They are ideal for machine wash. Sweat and oils will be absorbed very easily with the pillow.

Pillows - 12 piece Vivienne comforter setDecorative covers

As you choose the best brand, the comforter set will last for many years, and you can maintain the set very easily. You should consider the quilts, duvets, and bedspreads as per the performance and appearance. Reputed brands will release comforter sets which are designed by experts. They will work on the style, color, and fabric as well so that there will not be any issues.
When you purchase a set, there will be great savings regarding money. You can replace the worn-out set with a fancy set so that there will not be any issues. Comforters are the most common type of bed covering. You should choose the best so that there will be great satisfaction.

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